‘Trump signed his Bible!’ Trump gets ecstatic welcome as he visits church turned relief center with the first lady after Alabama tornado

  • President Trump comforted victims of tornadoes that blitzed Alabama, killing 23 people on Friday afternoon 
  • He was accompanied by first lady Melania Trump on the trip to Beauregard by way of Georgia
  • First lady and president received an enthusiastic welcome in the state that voted for the president
  • President Trump shook hands with volunteers, signed hats, put his name to money and autographed a Bible 
  • Bible belonged to a 12-year-old boy, according to a woman at the church turned relief center 
  • Baptist church is doubling as a disaster relief center and clothes, diapers, toiletries and school supplies were being distributed to storm victims by volunteers
  • President Donald Trump signed a boy’s Bible as he visited a church serving as a make-shift disaster relief center on Friday in storm-scarred Alabama.

    The U.S. president also signed hats and a $100 dollar bill that a volunteer passed him at Providence Baptist Church.

    Both at the church and along the motorcade route from the airport, the first couple received an ecstatic welcome from residents, some of whom held up Trump signs. The state supported Trump with 62. 1 percent of the vote in his successful election.

    He and first lady Melania Trump spent the afternoon consoling families who lost their homes in a deadly tornado that struck Alabama.

    They had private talks with storm victims inside a Baptist church doubling as a disaster relief center, where clothes, diapers, toiletries and school supplies are being distributed. They participated in a walking tour earlier, at which time the president hugged grieving family members of a community leveled by the storm.

    At Providence Baptist, the president signed hats and bibles for volunteers, who eagerly reached out across a table of clothes to photograph and touch the nation’s chief executive.

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